About Us

Now in its third generation, the Kludt family has been involved in the petroleum industry. In 1962 Elmer and Irene started as commissioned agents for Signal Oil of California, operating out of a small bulk plant in Lodi Calilfornia with a customer base of about 200 accounts. In 1984 they developed the present location of E.F. Kludt & Sons, Inc.

In addition, 1986 Elmer retired and his two sons Stephen and Richard who have been involved in the business since 1971, have taken it to from the original customer base of 200 to 1700 agricultural and commercial CFN cardlock accounts who purchase over 7 million gallons of petroleum products annually.

Today, E.F Kludt & Sons, Inc. is a diversified petroleum marketing company specializing commercial fleet fueling (CFN) services, bulk fuel supply and comprehensive lubricant solutions for consumer, industrial, commercial and agricultural users.

With their development of Pow-R Tune Fuel Treatment & Injector Cleaner and Pow-R Tune Oil Treatment in the late 1980’s, a new dimension was added to the conventional petroleum products that Kludt Oil carried.

POW-R TUNE Products quickly changed what they believed about the capabilities the fuel, oil and filters that we all use in our engines today. You hear it every day, the oil companies say “If you use our fuel and oil your engine will stay clean”. Same goes for all the filter companies, they all say their filter is better than any other filter out there.

All fuels have additives and all oils must meet certain specifications before they can be sold to the consumer. But once your injectors and engine starts to form deposits, it does not matter what fuel, oil or filter you are using, nothing is going to clean it up, even though the oil and filter companies advertise their products will.

In addition, that is where POW-R TUNE PRODUCTS, by Kludt Oil comes to your aid. After thousands of dollars spent on oil and fuel analysis, POW-R TUNE PRODUCTS will do all the things the fuel and oil you buy today cannot do. POW-R TUNE FUEL & INJECTOR CLEANER has been proven to clean the fuel system and injectors, increase fuel economy and reduce emissions.

POW-R TUNE OIL CONDITIONER will clean deposits from the engine, double the life of the oil and also reduce emissions. E.F. Kludt & Sons, Inc. invites you today to try POW-R TUNE PRODUCTS and you are guaranteed to see, hear and feel your engine start easier, run smoother and sound quieter.